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We're Your Source for Vintage and Specialty Rentals in Chicago and Beyond

Updated: May 11, 2021

We just want to spend a little time introducing our new followers to our sister business, Elements Preserved Vintage Rental. In many parts of the country, vintage and specialty rentals are so sought after for weddings, showers, and special events. What better way to create a unique-to-your-event display of furniture, Lounge seating, accents, backdrops, and more, by using one-of-a kind specialty rentals. We're one of a few rental companies available here in the Chicago-land area, and anxious to hear your wishes.

Tufted green British settee, paired with two accompanying chairs, coffee table create a unique lounge area.
British Green Lounge Seating Area - Jen Jenkins Photography

Did you realize that our rentals are probably even less in cost than what you buy your wedding decor for, at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Facebook wedding resale, flea markets, garage sales, and more. Time is money, right? All the time you spend running around trying to find all the pieces you want/need take time, but then you have to store it too, until your wedding! Here's where a rental company comes into play!

Jewel tone lounge seating package including a rug, table, side chairs, and decorative accents
Lounge Seating with Mulberry settee and burgundy area rug - Joe Hang Photography

Give us your inspiration, and let us see what we can put together for you, according to your style and budget. The best thing about rentals is, you don't have to search for "all the things;" we do that. And, then, we collect it all after your wedding or special event.

Here are a few examples of some of our packages, available fully styled, for your rental:

We offer Lounge packages, Backdrop packages, Sweet Table Packages, Sweetheart Table Packages, Whiskey or Cigar Bar Packages, Charcuterie Board Stations, Grazing Tables, and more. Have an idea we haven't mentioned? Let us know if you're interested in a Custom Project.

Straw settee accented with milk can and small farm table provides a great dining spot in the barn venue at Lincoln Farmstead, IL
Sweetheart Table - Lisa Kay Creative

If you're hoping to create an"ceremony aisle" at your indoor or outdoor wedding, we have rugs, runners, architectural pieces, backdrops from vintage architectural pieces, an arbor, mantles, pillars, along with new projects in the works.

vintage pillars create a unique backdrop, along with a variety of beautiful lanterns
Ceremony aisle with vintage backdrop - Photography by Lauryn
The bride and groom stand together following their intimate ceremony, in front of a floral arch balanced on vintage pillars
Bride and Groom at Ceremony site - Valerie Michele Photography
Covered in a garland of eucalyptus and roses, the ceremony arch brought a beautiful touch to the wedding.
Ceremony Arch - Alexandra Lee Photography

If Lounge seating is important to you, which we think it should be, consider your guests and their ability to enjoy lounging in comfort. There's nothing more inviting that comfortable and attractive seating to keep your guests happy, while creating a great memory of the decor that made that seating area possible.

Comfortable lounge seating invites all your guests to relax and enjoy the day
Leather Lounge Seating Package - By Mari Photography

Accented with lots of gold touches, the blush vintage settee invites comfort.
Blush Lounge Seating - Jen Harvey Photography

Sweets tables may consist of the vintage table with all the serving pieces needed for cake, donuts, cake pops, cookies, muffins, cookies, fried pies, or whatever you dream up for dessert! We put an entire Sweets Table together with everything you'll need to beautifully display your desserts.

The French table serves as the cake table for this delicate 5 tiered wedding cake, accented with brass candleholders.
Cake Table - Jen Harvey Photography
Vintage desk serves as sweets table for this tiny wedding celebration.
Sweets Table - Photography by Lauryn

Give your guy a special celebration area with a whiskey barrel bar, and let him choose how to use it, whether for a celebration drink with all his best guys, or a cigar bar area. Complete with leather chairs and a rustic one-of-a kind bar table, it's sure to attract attention and a gathering for the night.

Love the charcuterie "grazing" tables that are so inviting? Let us create one for you, using our whiskey barrels and 11 ft. live-edge black walnut boards, filled with amazing goodness. Probably the most popular way to entertain right now, your board can be filled with many possibilities, whether the traditional meats, cheese, nuts, crackers and chocolate, or a total cheese bar, a popcorn bar, a chocolate bar, or whatever is your favorite!

Balanced on two whiskey barrels, a live-edge charcuterie board is filled with delicious appetizers
Grazing Table - Nicole Jansma

These are just a few of the rental options we have available to you at Elements Preserved Vintage Rentals. Available for tours by appointment, we prefer to have an inspiration board from you, that gives us some idea of what you're looking for, and then we invite you to visit with a mock up done of some of your wishes!

Give us a call to learn more. With a vast inventory of rentals, and a love for design, we enjoy pulling out the stops and creating "pretty" for your events.

Sweets Table at Row 24 Events using vintage post office table and milkglass servers.
Sweets Table we designed at Row 24 Events, Chicago - By Mari Photography



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