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Do you allow outdoor set up of your rentals?

We love outdoor events, and the opportunity to supply our couples with design/decor for your wedding, or other special event, in nature. We do have strict requirements, however, for any outdoor events,  We MUST have a rain plan in place, documented, and on file, in the case of inclement weather.  You must have a tent in place, where the furniture will be moved to, or a location indoors where items can be transferred to, or set up at the time of our drop off.  We strongly encourage you to determine a "point person" for the day, if you're not using a professional day of coordinator/planner, so that you don't have to worry about moving things yourself in the case of inclement weather.  Additionally, for all outdoor events, a CC must be on file for possible damages incurred.  We won't charge your card until everything has been reviewed thoroughly, and then you will be contacted within 7 days of your event, if damage is found.  Our sole purpose in these requirements is to prevent you from having to pay fees for damages that could be avoided.  

Can I see your collection in person?

We're happy to schedule an in person consultation/tour once we have a little information about your event, i.e., date, location, our minimum rental, mood board, type of event.

Do you have a minimum rental amount?

Local Elgin rentals - $350 to qualify for delivery

Beyond Elgin - $500 up to 15 miles from Elgin

15 miles from Elgin and up to 30 miles - $750 minimum

Beyond 30 miles and Chicago proper - $1000 minimum

Distances further than 80 miles from Elgin requires a $2500 minimum rental.

Delivery/installation fees are additional

How long is my proposal valid?

Your proposal is valid for 14 days.  If others inquire about your specific rentals during that time, you will be given first right of refusal.

Where do you deliver?

We will delivery to all Chicago suburbs, Chicago downtown, and Northern Illinois locations. In fact, if you're willing to accommodate delivery fees, meals and accommodations if necessary, we'll be happy to travel further.

How do you determine delivery fees?

Our pricing is based on the size of the order as well as the distance to your venue.  These services also include the time & labor involved in loading our truck, driving to the venue/location, delivering all items on order, setting up all large furniture items according to floor plan, driving back to showroom, returning to your venue to pick up items at end of rental period, driving back to showroom, time & labor to unload truck, and place items back into warehouse. Additional fees are incurred for specific logistics (narrow hallways, stairs, difficult access to set up site, and late night retrievals).

How long is my rental for?

Your rental is for one day.  Longer rental periods can be accommodated for additional fees.  Please inquire.

Can I pick up my order myself?

We do offer "Will Call" for some select items and a minimum order size of $250.  Please inquire regarding your specific order.  All inventory must be transported in a covered vehicle, so please keep that in mind when requesting Will Call.  REMEMBER, the majority of damages occur during transport; the client is responsible for all damages once rentals leave our showroom.  There is a $50 fee to cover our time to meet you, and prep/cleaning of our pieces.

What if something gets broken?

 The client is responsible for gross mishandling or negligence of our rentals, including careless packing for your transport, damage from inclement weather, broken items, soiling or staining of fabric, or rentals & equipment not returned. 

If the item can be repaired, the client is responsible for repair costs.  If the item can be cleaned successfully, the client is responsible for cleaning costs.  If those costs fit within the 10% rental protection fee we've charged you, then we charge nothing additional.  If however, those costs are above the 10% fee, the client is responsible for repair/cleaning/reupholstery or replacement costs.


Any irreparable or unreturned tabletop items will be five times the rental fee. All other items’ repair, cleaning, and/or replacement costs will be determined by an EPVR chosen professional. Credit card information must be on file to cover the charges for professional cleaning fees, damage, mishaps, broken, irreparable, or non-returned items.

Before we leave the venue site, the client is given the opportunity to inspect their order, and sign off on the rental agreement that they attest to the condition in which it's currently released to the client, and that we expect to retrieve our pieces in the same condition.

What is the Rental Protection Fee on my invoice?

We charge a mandatory 10% Rental Protection Fee, for all rentals which we deliver to you; this fee covers normal wear and tear.  We understand that minor accidents happen, and are usually unintentional. Each time our pieces are rented, they incur use, and this fee covers general use and small nicks, and scratches that can easily be fixed.  A 15% Rental Protection Fee applies to all Will Call rentals. This fee applies to the rental items only, not delivery fees, CC transaction fees, or other miscellaneous fees.

How do I reserve my order? What happens next?

Booking is confirmed with a 50% non refundable retainer fee, and a completed rental agreement.  Your final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to your event date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

 Checks, Credit Cards (3.5% fee), Bank ACH Transfers (1.5% fee). You may pay online, at the link shown on your invoice.

Can I make changes to my order?

You may make changes to your order up to 30 days from your event, for an amount equal to your original request.  Your retainer is non-refundable. Any additions require the full balance due upon booking. 

Can I cancel items?

Your retainer fee is non-refundable.  We offer credit for the same $ amount of booked items, but no refunds.

Will you buy this from me?

You are free to share photos of items with us that you're interested in selling; however, based on our needs, we may choose to say no.

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