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Tiny Wedding Inspiration: Jasmin and German's Intimate Wedding at The Loft of Elements Preserved

Let's face it, some brides love all the attention to be on them, and others really would rather not be the center of attention, and both are acceptable and validated. When couples reach out to us, they usually have already made the decision that they are looking for something intimate, where they can spend quality time with their guests, and not be overwhelmed by all the planning, while yet having a wedding they've always dreamed of!

bride and groom portrait photo in downtown Elgin IL

Jasmin shared very early on with me, that she had always wanted a small wedding, because she didn't want all eyes on her! I'll have to add here that Jasmin was a stunning bride, and she truly glowed the day of her wedding, with smiles that were infectious! I think all eyes were on her, anyway!

bride opening personal gifts before wedding ceremony

Jasmin and German dated nearly 4 years, and had talked of marriage from early on, knowing that they were destined to be together. They spoke to each other about wanting a small wedding, and amidst Jasmin dealing with some health challenges, German proposed, and wedding planning began. In fact, Jasmin stated that she had "won the lottery of husbands!"

bride and groom pose for pre-ceremony photos on urban street

Not long into the planning, however, Jasmin discovered the stress involved and with just a few weeks to meet specific personal needs they had, Jasmin started to think that it was going to be impossible. As she stated, "that all changed when I met Beth and discovered her beautiful venue, The Loft of Elements Preserved."

"Beth was the best part of our wedding!" (Ok, I have to admit this made me cry)! "If I had to redo it again, I would choose her and her venue a million times just to be able to rent all of her beautiful vintage items. Our favorite part of having a small wedding was being able to sit at every table and that one on one experience with all of our guests, making them feel very special."

The Loft of Elements Preserved tiny wedding ceremony

What a beautiful day it was, shared by family and friends from afar, present to share in the vow ceremony, and the celebration that followed. Beyond the administrative duties of planning and seeing that events run smoothly, a very important aspect for me, personally, is the connection I've made with the couple, and making sure that their concerns are addressed, and that they're comfortable in how their day is going to look! Wedding planning and execution is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, what really touches my heart is the honest connection I've made, and the reward that comes from seeing a couple that's taken that step of marriage, which we've played a part in!

bride and groom during wedding ceremony at The Loft of Elements Preserved

As Jasmin shared with me, "Beth has also become a friend to me; she has given me so much advice outside of wedding planning. She takes her time to know her clients, which is something that I appreciate so much. German and I can't thank you enough!"

Thanks again, Jasmin and German, for sharing your wedding day with us! We appreciated getting to know you and your family, and wish you all the best on your journey!

bride and groom share a kiss after their wedding reception

If this sounds like your ideal wedding day scenario, we highly encourage you to get in touch. We'll make the planning aspect easy, and even though you may not be celebrating with 100 or more people, your day is all about your, and what you want it to be. The details matter; especially in intimate weddings where more attention can be paid to the details, we are here to bring those to life.

Visit our website for more information, and we'll look forward to hearing from you.


Desserts: Herb's Bakery

Floral: Personal Friend

Officiant: Officiant On Demand (Jocelyn)

Vintage Table Settings: Dish and Decor Vintage Rentals


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