Why Every Event needs a Lounge seating area!

Congratulations on planning your wedding or special event! We know how exciting these days can be, and also understand the decisions you have to make in budgeting for decor, furniture, photography, flowers, catering, and all the other essentials!

When it comes to the final budget left for what some might consider "luxury" expenses, we want to emphasize a few key points that may help you in your decision-making. Every event needs a lounge seating area! Here are three main reasons why!

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Number one - you are creating an inviting space that's cozy, and encourages your guests to stay longer, relaxing in comfort and style, while not being far removed from the activity and enjoyment of the event!

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Number two - you are continuing the aesthetic and theme of your wedding ceremony into the reception, itself!

Number three - you are highlighting areas of the venue that work well with your theme and vibe! A cohesive package of design and decor throughout the venue is unforgettable! You create an intimate space within a large "blank canvas" venue, bringing warmth and coziness.

Whether you choose for your event to be indoors or outside, fully styled lounge areas serve multiple purposes. Have you thought about using the Lounge area as your family photo spot? Even your guests have the option of family photos in a beautifully styled Lounge. We suggest a few shots of the bridal party surrounding the couple, seated on the main sofa or settee! There's nothing more beautiful than a bride or groom seated while doing "getting ready" shots in one of our seating pieces.

Photography: Rachel Osborn Photography

While some of your guests may choose to be out on the dance floor, or standing as they socialize, there are always a few that love to rest their dancing feet for a short time, and enjoy that comfortable lounge. Others may not want to be part of the action, but appreciate being close! A lounge gives them the best of both worlds!

Photography: Joe P. Hang

We love to style our lounges with a rug to anchor the set, coordinated with the color palette you're using. Adding a few pillows for accent color is always a possibility! A pretty and functional coffee table and side tables give your guests a place to set their drinks or appetizers, and then ask your florist to add a beautiful floral bouquet to tie the colors together. Think of your lounge as another vignette (grouping of furniture and accents) that elevates your theme and provides cohesion in your design.

Photography: Deonna Caruso Photography

Whether your wedding or special event is vintage, Boho, modern, rustic, or glamorous, with many styles of seating and fabric choices, rugs, and accent pieces, we can help you create a beautiful Lounge that's custom to your day, and your style.

Find more of our collection at elementspreserved.com/rentals. We're happy to consult with you about your event needs, and design a package that fits your budget and your design aesthetic. As always, our trusted delivery/installation services are included, and you won't have to worry a thing about set up or take down, leaving you time to fully enjoy your day!

Take a look at a few more Lounge possibilities, at the photos below! We'll customize any set to your needs!

Photography: Maria Mola Photography
Photography: Photography by Lauryn
Photography: Alexandra Lee Photography
Photography: Inspired Eye Photography
Photography: By Mari Photography
Photography: Jen Jenkins Photography
Photography: Cailynn Wolfgang Photography
Photography: Grey Garden Associates/Rachel Kazmier
Photography: Grey Garden Associates/Rachel Kazmier
Photography: Photography by Lauryn

Remember again the three reasons why a Lounge is a must at your wedding or special event. (1) You're creating a cozy, inviting space for your guests to enjoy the event, provide perfect photography areas for guests and yourselves. (2) You're continuing the aesthetic and theme of your wedding into the reception and beyond. (3) You're highlighting areas of the venue that work well with your theme, allowing the entire event to perfectly speak about YOU! Intimate, Elegant, Inviting! The details matter in every Lounge. We're here to show you how!


The KSB Photo

Jen Harvey Photography

Rachel Osborn Photography

Joe Hang

Deonna Caruso Photography

Maria Mola Photography

Photography by Lauryn

Alexandra Lee Photography

Inspired Eye Photography

By Mari Photography

Jen Jenkins Photography

Cailynn Wolfgang Photography

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