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5 Tips For Creating A Romantic and Moody Wedding Aesthetic

We're getting lots of inquiries for Fall 2023 weddings, so we're sharing 5 tips for creating a moody-inspired, romantic wedding. Designed, planned, and coordinated by @vancetaylordesigns, and photographed by @sarahmclimorephoto, at The Loft of Elements Preserved, this intimate event focused on color, the appropriate time of day, vintage decor, worn metals, and romantic, flowing drapery, all which set the stage for this moody, elopement-style wedding shoot!

bride holds rich, moody colored bouquet at The Loft of Elements Preserved

Because this styled shoot was scheduled for evening, Sarah captured the shoot magically, as candlelight accented the ceremony area, and Edison bulb string lights wrapped around Shelby and Lexi's gold circle arch, provided a simple nod to the moody, vintage vibe! Shelby and Lexi are co-owners of Vance Taylor Designs.

rich vintage persian rug accents the ceremony site with gold round arbor and candlelight

The simple Fall inspired bouquet provided by Thrive Floral Design, shared the rich colors of our burgundy vintage rug, the deep terra cotta groom's suit, a family heirloom, and the overall aesthetic for this shoot.

Deep mulberry velvet settee accents the rich colors of this fall wedding

So just how do you create a wedding with that moody vibe? Here are a few helpful tips!

Tip #1 - Use Warm, Dark Colors

Most often, we suggest burgundy, emerald green, royal blue, terra cotta, burnt orange; all those colors that exude warmth. Moody photography, in simple terms, is a style that generates an emotional response from the viewer, of the subject matter. Whether the image is a couple, a bouquet, a table setting, or the background, it accents shadows, deep colors, and a "feeling." We suggest having your bridesmaids clothing colors in various shades of the same color palette, making their clothing a perfect way to infuse a rich color into your wedding day.

Burgundy, rust, and warm, rich colors are perfect for your fall wedding

Tip #2 - Choose A Venue That Fits The "Moody" Vibe

Often, a vintage warehouse venue, with few windows, is a great choice for your moody-inspired wedding. It would be difficult to create a moody feel when your venue is filled with lots of natural light, and white walls, unless it's an evening wedding. Find venues that create a dark backdrop, or schedule your ceremony time for evening when there are shadows, romantic lighting, and the venue can be filled with rich, deep color. As you can see, the evening ceremony was lit with candlelight and shadows, creating that romantic, moody feel.

Moody vibes for an evening wedding at The Loft of Elements Preserved

Tip #3 - Use Vintage Decor

Use vintage seating, in muted, dark colors, to carry out the moody aesthetic. A rich, vintage lounge seating package creates a moody connection for your guests. These colors bring warmth and comfort to mind. We have some great seating pieces that work so well for your moody wedding decor, including our Mulberry settee, our Teal pair of MCM velvet chairs, our Emerald Green pair of MCM chairs, our Britain Settee, our Fiona Louis XV pair of armchairs, our deep red, Regal Red leather Chesterfield sofa, or our Black Chesterfield settee. These pieces anchored by our rich rugs are such welcome additions to a Lounge seating area for your guests!

Tip #4 - Use Worn/Aged Metals

Vintage brass candleholders, with candles in burgundy, black, emerald green, and royal blue are all a perfect way to bring the color palette to your table. Aged metals may include vintage brass, copper, and worn gold. Our collection contains over 200 brass candleholders of every shape and size!

farm table set with loads of brass candleholders, rich runners, and layers of color

Tip #5 - Use Romantic, Flowing Drapery and Rugs

Whether you're using drapery for your backdrop, table linens, or are draping fabric at your sweetheart table, or adding rugs at your ceremony site, to continue your moody aesthetic, these are perfect ways to include your rich colors on your wedding day.

tabletop design including loads of candles for an evening, moody wedding celebration

We hope this blog has been informative and helpful as you begin to create your vision for your wedding day. Stay focused on the look you love, and find vendors that will work to bring that vision to life! We always suggest having conversations between vendors, so that there is a real, cohesive look. If you're working with wedding planners, or designers, then this will most probably already be taking place, but if you're doing the planning and designing yourself, this tip is invaluable.

Creative Team:

Photography: Sarah McLimore Photo

Planning and Design: Vance Taylor Designs

Tux: The grooms family heirloom

Rentals: vintage seating, mirror, rug, brass candleholders, farm tables and chairs, vintage place settings, Elements Preserved


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