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Choose a Seat, Not a Side!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and making plans to select your venue, your photographer, your flowers, your catering, and we know…..the many more items that come with a wedding, such as your wedding dress, hair and makeup, gifts for your attendants, and more.

Oftentimes, one of the last things to be considered for the wedding is the additional furniture or décor that will set your wedding apart from the wedding that was held at your venue last weekend, or last month. Creating an event that carries your theme throughout the space, from the moment your guests enter the door, to the dance floor, really sets your event apart and that’s where choosing a boutique rental company that understands that vision is so important.

The vintage, wood-trimmed Carolina blue chair was perfect for detail photos of the floral bouquet.
Carolina Blue Chair | Laurel and Prairie Storytelling Photography

Knowing your budget is critical, as well, as you begin to work with a rental company. They can make suggestions, knowing their inventory better than anyone, and create a few visual focal points that really stand out to your guests, while staying within your budget. One of the first things we suggest to consider is that using a few key pieces may make more of a visual statement than renting a variety of smaller pieces that may get lost in the overall look.

Let’s talk about seating! Seating is more or less the place most of your guests will find themselves throughout the entirety of your wedding. Seating is the foundation of your theme, your style, and is an important aspect to be woven throughout the event space.

Vintage Platinum settee with floral bouquet, and violin, were perfect Celtic touches for the emerald green and gold wedding.
Platinum Settee | Alexandra Lee Photography

If you’re choosing to use seating provided by the venue for your ceremony, which will also be used for the reception tables, then we suggest choosing something that fits your theme. If you’re in love with the vintage style, you may want to choose the very popular Crossback chair for your ceremony and reception. This style is neutral enough to be used throughout the event, and works for a rustic theme, as well as something more formal. Source:

If you’re looking for a more glamorous look, the Chiavari chair has been a popular choice for a number of years, and they are available in a number of colors, from neutral wood, dark wood, gold, silver, clear acrylic, or white. Most Big Box rental companies carries these chairs, and here's a company we often refer our clients to when they're looking for this type of chairs.

If your style is more of a vintage rustic look, you may want to rent mismatched wooden chairs; some boutique rental companies have a great stock in white, mismatched wooden chairs, or natural wood mismatched chairs. We carry mis-matched wooden seating, as well as wooden bistro seating.

Other options may be a vintage slat-back wooden folding chairs that work perfectly with farmhouse tables, as well as ceremony seating. These chairs add a vintage touch to the ceremony seating, as well, while not bringing a lot of attention to themselves. We will soon have 75 of these seating pieces available.

What about a Sweetheart table? If you want to sit near the wedding party, but have your own table nearby, consider a beautiful choice of seating with your sweetheart table, such as this pair of bistro chairs, Wishbone chairs, a vintage settee, or a pair of upholstered chairs.

Wooden farm-style sweetheart table with modern bistro chairs
Joy Sweetheart table and bistro chairs | Sori Torri Photography

Greenhouse ceremony with farm-style sweetheart table and chairs
Sweetheart table with Wishbone-style seating | Jen Jenkins Photography

Unique Wishbone chairs work well for sweetheart seating
Floral arbor and sweetheart table with wishbone chairs and bride | Jen Jenkins Photography

Another option you might consider is seating the immediate wedding party (grandparents, parents, siblings, and children), in upholstered seating, such a vintage settees and sofas. Whether you carry through a particular color scheme, or use a variety of sofas with the same style, you’ve still made a real statement at your ceremony, and your family will love the comfort they have available throughout your ceremony. Following your ceremony, those upholstered seating pieces may then be moved to create Lounge seating areas for your guests to linger during cocktail hour, while you and your partner are being photographed.

Vintage settee and coordinating chairs create an interesting Lounge seating option
French-inspired Lounge Seating | The Verdant Photographer

And, what better way to have unique family photos than to use a beautiful sofa with all your family gathered around! These are the photos that are most striking to me, because they’re so much more interesting than all your family standing posed! And, you've continued to carry through your theme even to the photography portion of your wedding.

Vintage cameo back rose-colored settee with wood trim
Rosalynn Settee | Jen Harvey Photography

Ivory, carved wood trim, vintage Victorian settee
Paducah Settee | Sofi Torri Photography

Lounge Seating with our leather Chesterfield sofa and accents
Regal Red Leather Chesterfield Sofa | By Mari Photography

Tufted, British, Green Velvet Settee in The Loft of Elements Preserved, Elgin, IL
Britain Vintage Green Settee | Photography by Lauryn

Mulberry Lounge with all rug and accent decor at Bluestem Farm and Events, Hebron, IL
Mulberry Lounge Seating Package | Joe Hang Photography

Many couples choose to offer a Photo Booth opportunity, too. Those are great, but often, you’re standing with simple props that you’ve bought. You might consider renting a few open frames from a boutique rental company that you can “frame” two or three fun-loving friends into, and create such a fun photo memory. Here’s another spot that a settee or sofa could be placed after your wedding ceremony. Use a vintage seating piece for your Photo Booth area, along with prop pieces your rental company has on hand that are authentic vintage pieces. Now, you've again carried through a real unique aspect to your wedding that cannot be completely repeated by the next couple!

Dusty blue, Victorian upholstered, carved wood frame vintage settee
Madeline Settee | Rachel Osborn Photography

These are just a few suggestions we have for couples who are looking to make a statement with their rentals, while keeping a unique style woven throughout their wedding day. We’d love to assist with your choice of seating for your ceremony and reception, whether it be a few statement pieces, or seating areas found throughout your venue for various uses.

Vintage Mulberry settee with wood trim for bridal seating
Mulberry Settee | Jen Jenkins Photography

Make your wedding about you, and allow your wedding pro to share ideas on how best to make it your own, through the use of carefully curated seating pieces. View more on our website;


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