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Curating A Grand Chicago City Hall Wedding!

Where do I start on this glorious wedding celebrated in October, 2021, which we had the privilege to play a part in. Contacted by Urban Allure Events in the Fall of 2020, we began plans to curate 4 lounge packages, rugs, mirrors, and details for the Fall, 2021 wedding of Rob and Dave at City Hall Events, Chicago.

It was a dream to collaborate with such talented vendors to bring the couple's vision together, and their main request was colorful, vintage, and elegant; mix the colors and patterns and make it feel like that cozy, inviting feeling you have when you go to Grandma's house!

We scheduled an in-house tour after making suggestions on 4 lounge packages that we felt worked well with their vision, and more pieces, accents, rugs, a chandelier, and signage were added to their package.

To this day, this wedding stands out as one of our very favorites in that we we given creative freedom, we saw their vision, and pulled together elaborate upholstered seating pieces which were styled in place for the ceremony, and then moved to create seating vignettes for the remainder of the reception!

Each of the guests of honor and the couple made their walk to the ceremony area across 3 large, vintage rugs, while the aisle was lined with hurricane cylinders and candles. It was just one of the many exquisite touches woven into this beautiful celebration.

We used rich, jewel colors in our seating vignettes, accented with coordinating candles, pillows, vintage leather books, Florentine trays accented with brass candles to match each vignette, a vintage black typewriter; basically, it was all those classic pieces that just SHOUT vintage style, but in an elegant way.

Our main goal was to add our couple's personality to each lounge seating area, along with captions that were used on our vintage gold-gilt mirrors in beautiful calligraphy; one was an introduction to the wedding, and the second was placed near the champagne cart, inviting guests to grab a seat - the ceremony would be short and sweet!

Our Vintage Black Leather Camelback loveseat was accented by two MCM chairs in velvet teal, and one of our four black Cartagna steamer trunks! Each vignette used a trunk as the coffee table, and was accented to coordinate with the colors of the seating pieces. We also used our Red Chesterfield Leather sofa, paired with our 2 red velvet Victorian chairs, where signage was placed directly behind this photo spot. Our Mulberry settee was paired with our Carolina Blue Velvet chair, and our Crimson Velvet Chair, while the fourth lounge included our Brown Chesterfield sofa, paired with Emerald Green MCM chairs.

Whether you are choosing to focus on one single area of your wedding and reception, or have seating vignettes scattered throughout the venue, we absolutely love the opportunity to add to your story, with elements of the past, creating new memories to last a lifetime.

Send us your Pinterest board, your vision, or let us schedule a time to sit down together to determine just what your vision is, and how we can bring it to life! It's all about the details, whether little or large - and we're here to make it happen!


Photographer: Maypole Studios

Floral: Bou K Bridal

Groom's Attire: G Alxndr Style

Lighting: Event Brilliance

Catering: Butter and Vine

Videography: Emily Hogan Visuals

Bubbly Cart: Bubbly Events Chicago

Desserts: Dipsy Desserts

Hair and Makeup: Solo Salon


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