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Gabby and Braden's Tiny Wedding Elopement at Villa Filomena, Milwaukee, WI

Updated: May 11, 2021

Within the last few weeks of late summer, we've provided rentals and styling for a number of tiny wedding events, most created from a change in plans from their original wedding plans! Some of the most lovely, detailed-oriented, memory-making weddings have come from revising large weddings to something small and intimate.

Wicker lantern decor and signage welcome guests to intimate wedding

We've loved this opportunity to create something intimate, yet lacking none of the details that make a wedding day so special! In fact, we've found repeated comments that our couple's wedding day turned out more special than they would've ever imagined, and we have to agree. The details that you can pour into a small wedding are much greater when your guest list is small, and the focus can truly be on your closest friends and family on your big day!

Vintage painted brick at Villa Filomena, Milwaukee, WI offers a beautiful location for vintage-inspired weddings

We were honored to provide a ceremony rug and wicker lanterns for Gaby and Braden's tiny wedding at Villa Filomena, an historic mansion located in Milwaukee, WI, and built in 1874. We love the opportunity to create some additional beauty at these historic locations around the Chicago and WI area. Photographed by Kara Gardner Photo, the stunning photos truly show the love between these two, and their special day.

Rattan and wicker Boho-style decor and area rug served the ceremony area well

When Gabby got in touch with me, she had recently seen a photo of our large area rug in blue and rose tones, *Miss Mauve, and thought it would be perfect for their ceremony area. When I also mentioned our oval wicker lanterns to sit at the ceremony area as well, she fell in love! We can't love these photos more, when our collection pieces were paired with the beautiful florals from Thistle and Plume.

First dance between father and daughter shows the joy and happiness of the day.

Mother and son first dance is about special memories and special love.

The happy couple on wedding day at vintage Villa Filomena, Milwaukee, WI

First dance, surrounded by all the Boho decor elements that made this wedding day perfect.

Thanks for viewing these inspirational photos! If you're in love with the Boho style of decor, we'd highly suggest you schedule a tour, by appointment, to see all we can offer you in rental pieces to complete your Bohemian vision! From floor pillows, layered rugs, low tables, wicker and rattan seating, brass candleholders, a copper backdrop arbor draped with vintage lace, upholstered seating pieces, and so much more, we are very proud of the collection we've acquired over many years of curating the best in rental pieces, and we know you'll feel the same.

Thanks for sharing your photos, Gabby and Braden, and thanks to the talented Kara Gardner for sharing some of the best moments of their big day.



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