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Wedding inspiration: How to include Rugs in your Wedding design!

Your decor is one of the most noticeable aspects of your wedding because it creates an atmosphere, an experience, and sets the tone for your big day! Your guests will notice the details, as they cohesively blend throughout your wedding.

We are loving the current use of rugs as a big foundation to your wedding day design. Rugs bring warmth to a large, open space, outside. They bring color and texture to an industrial space. They provide a foundation to a woodland wedding setting; any ceremony site looks spectacular with a large, beautiful rug.

Rugs liven a space, whether you're having an indoor or an outdoor wedding; they add that something extra to the aesthetic of your design. Think about the rugs you choose to warm your living spaces at home. They may be colorful or muted, they may be large or small, but they are the elements that tie the room together and make it the room you enjoy spending much of your time in. Read on for some of our favorite ways to include rugs in your wedding day design and decor.

Boho Wedding Inspiration:

Choose rugs that are colorful, eclectic, or mix and match colors to create a walking path, your aisle, and designate your ceremony area. Be sure to choose colors that work well together. Boho-inspired weddings are so popular right now, allowing you to be less formal, while including muted florals in orange, tan, ivory, blush, peach, and rust! Add a touch of teal or blue, and you've created a beautiful color palette to weave throughout your big day.

Bride walking down the Boho-inspired rug aisle in Chicago outdoor wedding
Photography: Marissa Kelly Photography at Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Backyard Beauties:

There's not a more perfect location to add rugs than to your backyard wedding. Whether a few layered together, or one at your ceremony site, repurposed to a lounge seating area, you're sure to realize the thoughtfulness that has gone into creating a cozy lounge while including rugs.

lounge seating balanced on vintage style rug outdoor backyard wedding inspiration
Photographer: Thomas Doggett at Monte Bello Estate

City/Industrial Sleek:

In many industrial spaces, you're working with plain walls and sparse accessories. We love how a single rug can totally change the feel of the space to create that eye-catching dynamic, and bring the guests focus to the couple and the wedding party! Your intimate ceremony becomes one of understated elegance with a few simple decor pieces such as cylinders holding pillar candles, or encircling the couple with lots of brass candleholders. Using a simple backdrop is key to a cohesive industrial look, and we suggest a copper arbor, industrial grates woven with florals, stand-alone florals, or architectural salvage in the form of doors, pillars, vintage columns, or a moon-gate arch.

Ceremony rug aisle using 3 large vintage rugs was a striking addition to this industrial-chic wedding
Photography: Maypole Studios at City Hall Events, Chicago

Grooms walk down the vintage rug aisle before their ceremony
Photography: Maypole Studios at City Hall Events, Chicago

Following the ceremony, the site became a sweetheart seating area for the grooms while speeches and family photos took place. Vintage lighting, the copper arbor, seating, gold side table, and the vintage Aubusson rug all were chosen specifically for this after-ceremony celebration from our vast collection.

The grooms enjoyed speeches and family photos while seating was moved into place at the ceremony site, under a vintage chandelier.
Photography: Maypole Studios at City Hall Events, Chicago

Intimate Elopement:

Using an aisle rug for your simple elopement ceremony bring color to the room, defines the aisle, and is a simple way to complete your design inspiration.

Bride and Groom hug following ceremony filled with Boho inspiration.
Photography: Cailynn Wolfgang Photo at The Loft of Elements Preserved, Elgin

Wedding in the Pines:

A very intimate wedding in the pine trees is the perfect elopement-styled celebration to bring color and warmth to the outdoor, woodsy setting. Give the floor of the pine forest a colorful foundation, bringing your eye directly to the couple celebrating their big day.

Bride and Groom in striking woodsy elopement ceremony using a vintage rug as their ceremony foundation decor.
Photography: Julia Maruyama Photography

Colorful rug as the ceremony site for woodsy wedding inspiration
Photography: Julia Maruyama Photography

Elegant Barn Wedding:

Who doesn't love a romantic barn wedding, where a few rug runners bring some pretty color to the aisle, and another oval beauty at the ceremony site! We love these soft pastels in the light-filled luxury barn venue, Providence Vineyard, in Hebron, IL.

Pastel aisle rug runners brought color to the aisle, along with texture and interest in the light filled venue.
Photography: Rachael Kazmier at Providence Vineyard, Hebron, IL

numerous layered rugs created a beautiful aisle runner for this elegant barn wedding
Photography: Rachael Kazmier

Bride and her attendants at luxury barn venue, Providence Vineyard
Photography: Rachael Kazmier at Providence Vineyard, Hebron, IL

Rustic Barn Wedding:

A beautiful lounge seating area overlooking the lawn and reception space was the perfect area for family photos, bride and groom photos, and a place to spend a few quiet moments together with friends and family.

Bride and Groom enjoy a few private moments on the colorful lounge seating package.
Photography: Joe P Hang at Bluestem Farm and Events, Hebron, IL

Outdoor Mansion Wedding:

Using rugs as the foundation piece for your sweetheart table package is a great way to incorporate color and warmth to your seating area.

Couple enjoying a few moments together at their individual sweetheart table, anchored by a rug!
Photography: Colette Marie Photo at The Armour House, Lake Forest, IL

Intimate Outdoor Mansion Elopement:

With a handful of guests, and a gorgeous backdrop, our couple chose a rug for their ceremony area, along with additional decor to complete their Boho inspiration.

Bride and Groom hold hands following intimate ceremony.
Photography: Kara Gardner Photo at Villa Filomena, Milwaukee, WI

Indoor Lounge Seating:

Create an inviting spot for guests to gather near the dance floor, or near the bar! Everyone gravitates to a cozy lounge area, and adding a rug just warms up the space even more. Using like colors and styles is key to make the look cohesive with the rest of your decor.

Bride and groom enjoy a moment on the cozy blue lounge seating area, complete with rug.
Photography: Lindsay Taylor Photography at Providence Vineyard, Hebron, IL

No matter where you choose to celebrate, whether indoors or out, in a rustic venue or a sleek-industrial site, a backyard celebration or at the beach, the addition of a rug at your ceremony site, along the aisle, at your sweetheart table, or lounge seating area, brings a warm invitation to your guests, and anchors the setting with colors and texture to match your aesthetic. Reach out to learn more about our rug collection, and how to incorporate our rugs into your wedding decor!

Give us a call to schedule our private showroom tour at 224-245-9447. Let us help create your colorful rug decor with our vast collection.


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