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2021 intimate wedding trends

Updated: May 11, 2021

Never has there been a time when intimate weddings have been more in style than 2020, and more to come in 2021, due to public health concerns. Intimate weddings, tiny weddings, “micro weddings” have become much more of an exciting wedding trend, offering the couple the opportunity to host a small wedding with close family and friends, while not sacrificing on style and elegance. The perfect option between a large scale wedding and an elopement at the courthouse is an intimate wedding.

bride and groom posing under white iron arbor filled with florals
Photography: Alexandra Lee Photography

Small weddings do not mean they have to be plain and simple. The fact that your guest list will be much smaller offers you many options to add beautiful details on a smaller budget, as well!

Bride and groom holding hands at their intimate ceremony, anchored by a rug, and boho accents
Kara Gardner Photography

Many Chicago venues are offering intimate weddings at this point in time; "Tiny Weddings and the Best Venues for Under 50" by Lisa Kathan for Chi Thee Wed, talks about several Chicago and suburban Chicago venues offering intimate weddings. We feel honored to be included in this blog, since tiny weddings have always been our thing at The Loft of Elements Preserved!

What is the ideal style for a “micro” wedding?

Micro-weddings are ideal for numerous themes, whether Boho, garden-style, industrial-chic, rustic, or any whimsical vibe! Blending touches of organic nature with simple décor creates an intimate, inviting warmth for your guests. In fact, we’ve seen more photos of classic-styled weddings on an intimate scale this year that have been nothing short of breathtaking!

Bride and Groom take a moment to enjoy each other on vintage Madeleine settee
Grey Garden Associates

How can other guests be included on your big day?

Guests can join in your full day of celebrations by including them on Google hangout, Facebook live, Zoom, or YouTube live stream. Interact with them directly following your ceremony, and place your laptop in a location where everyone attending has the chance to say hello to those missing out attending in person!

What are some fun options for food?

With a tiny wedding, your options for food service are many. Think about hiring a food truck. Smaller venues that don’t have an in-house kitchen with dining minimums would certainly welcome this option! Think food stations; small plates ready to pick up by each guest, or several appetizer stations are an ideal way to be food safe and still enjoy a variety of delicious food and drink. Many caterers offer this option. Love the charcuterie board idea, but without the health concerns of self-serve? Many caterers offering charcuterie now make individual grazing boxes available; enjoy all the charcuterie goodness wrapped individually for each guest! We suggest Fork It Grazing or Sage and Jam, for two charcuterie companies we can highly recommend.

Charcuterie Boards

Elle Taylor Photography Jillian Photography

What about the non-traditional wedding style?

Oh, do we have photos and ideas to share about themed weddings and receptions. Check out photos from a recent inspirational shoot at Palmhouse 619, Evanston, IL, where we created an “Alice in Wonderland” themed event.

Themes wedding inspiration with Alice in Wonderland theme
Jenn Marie Photography

How about the amazing and inspirational movie, “The Greatest Showman?” Take a look at some of our stunning photos where we created vignettes incorporating pieces inspired from the movie such as a beautiful brass elephant! Not to leave out trunks, cameras, a cane, popcorn, and the inspiring quotes found throughout the movie on one of our vintage blackboards, you’re limited only by your imagination!

The Greatest Showman Themed Wedding Style
Brooke Kristine Photography

Are you in love with all things Boho? Be sure to check out all the Boho inspiration found on our Moody Elopement Blog, using our vintage peacock chairs, stunning florals, beautiful rich orange, brown, and ivory colors, aisle runner rugs, and brass touches throughout!

Moody Boho Wedding Styling
Cailynn Wolfgang Photo

The best part of hosting a non-traditional wedding and reception is that you can incorporate your hobbies and style with props and décor that carry that theme. Ask your guests to dress in appropriate costume, cohesive with your aesthetic, as well! Now you’ve created a one-of-a-kind wedding that is truly about your life together, and what means the most to you! It’s cohesive from the moment you step inside the space, whether that’s outdoors or indoors, and with our vast collection of vintage and specialty rentals, at Elements Preserved Vintage Rental, we can add those hard to find props that take it over the top!

Wedding in the Pines
Julia Maruyama Photography

We hope this inspiration blog all about the “2021 Wedding Trends” is helpful to you as you begin your wedding plans, revise your wedding to something smaller, or hold a vow renewal. Remember, small does not have to mean simple! And we’re all about the details! Get in touch! We’d love to share in your joy as you say “I Do” in your 2021 Micro Wedding or Vow Renewal.


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