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Summer Wedding at The Armour House, Lake Forest, IL

Updated: May 11, 2021

One of our dream locations to provide rentals was at The Armour House, Lake Forest, last summer. Our client and her fiancée contacted us because they wanted seating for a sweetheart table, and being a Chicago area photographer, was familiar with our vintage rental inventory. Settings like The Armour House provide a beautiful vintage venue, breathtaking grounds and gardens, and an elegant ambiance where our pieces look right at home!

The Armour House, Lake Forest, IL
The Armour House

Tamara and Tony met on, and, following a few days of messaging through texts and emails, they decided to meet for lunch. Lunch turned into grabbing margaritas, chips and guacamole later in the evening, and after a 9-hour first date, Tamara knew that they would be together for a long time. After nearly a year of dating, Tony asked Tamara’s dad for permission to marry Tamara. On Labor Day weekend, Tony proposed, and an engagement party followed that evening. With two years to prepare for their wedding, they bought and sold a couple of houses, renovated said houses, adopted puppies, and planned their wedding!

When it came time to choose a venue, Tamara knew that they wanted a venue that she had not photographed before, and that incorporated their love for gardens and beautiful interiors. The Armour House was available on the date they requested, and the rest is history! When asking fellow photographers and friends for recommendations for a sweetheart table and seating, Elements Preserved was the top suggestion. After visiting our website, Tamara spotted the Madeline blue settee, and fell in love with it, knowing it would fit perfectly into the color scheme they had chosen.

Marble stairwell filled with candles and greenery at the Armour House
Mansion stairwell

We asked Tamara how she decided what inventory pieces were important to rent. Tamara felt strongly that seating arrangements by the dance floor were an amazing addition; guests love them, and it’s a great way to keep your guests close with you all evening, even if they aren’t dancing! Tamara suggested anyone planning their wedding or special event take a visit to Elements Preserved showroom, bringing color swatches and an open mind as to what options might work in your venue.

Reception seating for dinner
Reception seating

Choose a photographer you’re comfortable with is probably Tamara’s biggest suggestion/tip! Loving their work as well as their personality is another positive! “Find a photographer that makes you feel like a good friend, which allows you and your family to be relaxed throughout the day, and you’ll have the best photo memories as a result.

Bride seated on our vintage settee before wedding
Bride on vintage settee

The Madeline settee was not only used for a sweetheart table in the beautiful Armour House Dining Hall, but in photos taken with Tamara’s parents, with her Maid of Honor as she helped with final touches of Tamara’s getting ready, photos with Tony and Tamara together, and alone. Choosing a rental piece that serves multiple purposes made it easy to include in many settings throughout the Estate.

Bride and Groom seated on vintage blue settee
Bride and Groom

We suggest that if you're limiting the pieces you rent, focus on one or two statement pieces! Adding a few smaller accent decor pieces will complete the look, and on a budget, you've created something unique to your own wedding or event.

We can make suggestions to help complete your inspiration, or you can hire us to completely design and style your wedding or event. We love the creative process and are here to help!

We hope you find inspiration in the photos we’ve chosen, so beautifully captured by Rachael Osborn Photography.

Bride and Groom exchange kiss during the dinner hour
Wedding Kisses
Wedding Florals
Cut flowers
Silver tray displaying all the details; flowers, invitations and more
Silver Tray with Flowers
The bride is seated on vintage blue settee in light-filled room
Bride seated on vintage blue settee
Using a vintage mirror on easel to send your guests a thank you
Vintage Mirror on Easel
Sweetheart table for the bride and groom
Sweetheart Table

Vintage Rentals: Elements Preserved


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